Butt Knits Sleep Sack Pattern

This knitting pattern is designed to fit nicely over cloth diapers. Sleep sacks are generally only used for newer babies. Using wool yarn means that you do not have to use a diaper cover over the diaper.  Don’t use cloth diapers? Make this sleep sack in any soft worsted weight yarn. Read my “What’s a soaker?” page to find out more about wool soakers & how they benefit those using cloth or disposable diapers.
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Butt Knits Sleep Sack

©Amber Perry of Butt Knits 2009

This pattern includes the ruffled edge as well as a ribbed edging.

Skill Level: Advanced BeginnerSize (relaxed):
0 – 3 months : Waist 15.2”, Length 13.5”
3 – 6 months : Waist 17.6”, Length 15.5”

Yarn Requirements:
Worsted Weight Yarn: Cascade 220, Galway, or Nature Spun (250 – 500yds)
Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn: Peace Fleece (200 – 400yds)

Worsted Weight Yarn: 5 sts.= 1” on sz. US 6 needles
Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn: 5 sts. = 1” on sz. US 7 needles

Needles and Notions:
Worsted Weight Yarn:  US size 4 16” circulars,  US size 6 16” circulars
Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn:  US size 5 16” circulars,  US size 7 16” circulars
Or 40”- 47” circular needle cable for magic loop method.
One (1) stitch marker
Set of DPN’s (double point needles)

k1fb: knit the front and back of the stitch
k2tog: knit two stitches together
yo: yarn over, bring yarn forward

This pattern is worked from the top (waist) down; beginning with the waistband, then working the body and then working your bottom edging choice. The first number shown is for the smallest size, the larger size follows in parentheses.

Cast On & Ribbing:
Using the long tail method, with smaller needles, cast on 72 (96) stitches.  Being careful not to twist stitches, place marker (marker A) and join to work in the round.
Work k3, pl ribbing or desired ribbing that is evenly divisible into the number of CO stitches for 1”.
Work eyelet round for drawstring: *k3, YO, p1* repeat for round or (Knit knit sts, YO, purl sts)Work decrease round to return stitch count to original CO number: *k3, p2tog* repeat for round or (Knit knit sts, P2tog)
Work increase round: *K2, M1* repeat around.

With larger needles, knit in the round until piece measures 12”(14”) from CO edge.

Choose Bottom Edging

Ruffled Edging:
Eyelet Round: *k3, yo, k1* repeat around.
Decrease Round *k3, k2tog* repeat around.
Change to contrasting color.
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: *k1, k1fb* repeat around.
Round 3: knit
Repeat Round 3 until ruffle measures 1.5” or desired length.
Round 4: *k1,p1* repeat around
Round 5: *p1,k1* repeat around
Bind off in pattern. These rows of seed stitch will keep the ruffle from curling.

Ribbed Edging:
Decrease Round:  *K3, K2tog* repeat around, ending with K 3(4)
If changing to a contrasting color, knit 1 round in new color.
Establish Ribbing: *k3, p1* repeat around.
Work ribbing  for 1.5” or desired length.
Bind off.

Weave in all ends. Work two (2) icords to desired lengths.

Using short double-pointed (DP) needles, cast on 3 st
Knit all the stitches.
Switch needles in your hands, so the needle with the stitches is in your left hand again. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle and pulling the yarn snugly across the back of the stitches knit the row again.
Continue this way, sliding and knitting, until the cord is the length you wish.

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