Q: What special features do Butt Knits&trade patterns have?

  • A gusseted crotch for better fit and longer wear
  • A unique ribbing that retains its shape and looks great before and after wearing
  • Detailed instructions to work short rows with no holes and no wrapping
  • Detailed instructions for knitting both legs at once using the magic loop method – no more second leg syndrome!
  • Email support if needed
  • Fun, fresh new designs

Q: What cloth diapers work best with these patterns?

A: Butt Knits™ patterns are designed to fit well over just about any diaper. I use the fitted diapers made from my cloth diaper pattern available at Amber Perry Patterns on Etsy.

Q: What if I don’t use cloth diapers?

A: You can still make Butt Knits shorts & pants! Here is a great article on the benefits of using wool over disposable diapers. Measure the baby or child with their diaper or underpants on and choose the size that best matches their measurements. When knitting the shorts or pants work only 1/2 recommended number of short rows. Example: If the pattern directs you to work a set of short rows every 6th round, you will work them every 12th round. Short rows give shaping and without cloth diapers you will need less shaping. This a basic suggestion, if your child’s form is more rounded, then you may want to work short rows every 8 or 9 rounds. Please see our Sizing page for additional information. If you are not using the shorts or pants over cloth diapers, you can make them out of whatever type of yarn you would like (as long as you get gauge of course).

Q: How old of a child can I make these for?

A: It depends mainly on the waist measurement of your child. As long as your child’s waist fits into the sizing – you can make them to suite your child. Length can be added to the rise by simply knitting the pattern longer before beginning the gusset. Legs can be as short or as long as you make them. Please see our Sizing page for additional information.

Q: With so many other patterns out there, why use Butt Knits™ patterns?

A: Peace of mind. Here are just some of the benefits our customers receive:

  • Professional Patterns – Butt Knits™ patterns are edited by an outside professional technical knitting editor
  • Tried & True – All Butt Knits™ patterns are test knit by several knitters and in all sizes
  • Email Support – I am available to answer questions via email Monday – Saturday
  • Cloth Diaper Help – I am available to answer questions regarding cloth diaper use with our shorties/longies
  • Experience – I have been using cloth diapers with woolies for twelve years now on five children. I created my own cloth diaper pattern in 2006, which is available at Amber Perry Patterns on Etsy.

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