Magic Loop Basics

A very basic lesson on “magic loop” knitting.

magic loop img 1

Knitting via the “magic loop” method means that you are using very long circular needles as you knit in the
round. I usually cast on for my project with 16″ circular needles because it makes joining to knit in the round
much simpler. After I’ve finished knitting the ribbing I knit all of the stitches onto 40″ circular needles.
In the image above you can see that the body of the garment is on a 40″ cable and the tips of the needles
are to the right. This is considered the “home” position for knitting with magic loop. I’m now ready to
begin my next round.

magic loop img 2

Here you can see that I’ve pulled the top needle so that I have several inches of “loop” to work with. I then
began knitting the round. When I come to the end of the round I’ll just turn my work so that I’m back in
the “home” position, and begin again. This method is great for knitting any circumference in the round.

Learn about using the magic loop to work both legs of longies & shorties at the same time.

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