Elastic Waistband Instead of Ribbing

This tutorial is for making any of the Butt Knits Patterns with an elasticized waistband instead of ribbing. I use 1″ non-rolling elastic.

You will cast on your stitches using the larger needles (or the needles you used to get gauge).  Knit in the round for 1.25″.  Purl one round.  Knit for another 1.25″  When measuring for the length of the pattern as directed in the instructions, you will measure from the purl round.

When you’ve finished knitting up your pair of shorties or longies you will need to sew up the waistband.  I like to measure my baby’s waist and use that measurement to cut my elastic.  Then I place the edge of the elastic against the inside of the purl round and fold the top of the waistband to the inside (over the elastic).

I then sew the waistband closed by picking up the back loop of a purl stitch (the stitch on the right in the image above) and one cast on edge stitch (the stitch on the left in the image above).

As you sew the seam you will get a nice braided look for the seam.  Having the elastic in place helps to make sure you are picking up stitches along the same round (no zig zag seems here!). This method also means you don’t have to thread the elastic through after seaming and hope it fits correctly.

Continue sewing around the garment until you have about a 3″ opening remaining.  Sew the ends of the elastic together, overlapping about 1/2″.   You can sew the elastic by hand or machine.

Close up the opening and weave in the yarn end and you’re all done!

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