Selecting Yarns

I have tried several wool yarns for the patterns. My favorites are Cascade 220,, and Peace Fleece.

It’s very important to use 100% wool yarn if you will be using the soakers/ longies over cloth diapers. Superwash wool will not work.

Cascade 220:

I love Cascade 220. It’s easy to work with and knits up beautifully. There are

many, many colors to choose from and it’s easily found at most local yarn shops as well as online.

Plymouth Galway:

Another very nice yarn worsted weight 100% wool yarn. Available in many colors and works nicely for our patterns.

Embellished Shorties & Lamb’s Pride

I really love these yarns. I made a pair of shorties for my son with’s  “Noche Lunar” and they just begged to

be embellished. This yarn makes wonderful shorties or longies for naps and nighttime. It’s heavier than Cascade 220

and softer than Peace Fleece. It’s very soft. However, if you have a really mobile baby or toddler, it’s worth noting that it pills quite a bit. It’s great for non-mobile babes or those who don’t mind using a sweater stone or shaver to remove pills from time to time.

Peace Fleece: A wonderful yarn that is known for its ability to “wear like iron”.  Their website does recommend that you check your gauge each time you knit with their yarn as it can vary somewhat. I have found this to be true. Sometimes size 6 needles give me the right gauge and sometimes size 7 needles.

Peace Fleece is not the softest yarn to knit or to wear at first, but it does soften up considerably with washing and wearing. I like to use it for toddlers who are on the move and rather hard on longies. This yarn also pills very little.