The following is the sizing for the Basic Pattern.  There may be slight variations for other patterns (detailed in each pattern) but this is great basic sizing information for Butt Knits patterns.

  • Size 1: Waist 15.2″, Rise 15″
  • Size 2: Waist 17.6″, Rise 17″
  • Size 3: Waist 19.2″, Rise 18″
  • Size 4: Waist 20.8″, Rise 20″

Another way of looking at sizing

  • Size 1/Newborn
  • Size 2/Baby
  • Size 3/Toddler
  • Size 4/Child

Inseam Measurements
The best fit will always be achieved if the child is measured and the inseam knit accordingly. When this is not possible, it is best to knit  ribbed cuffs.  These can be rolled up or down, making them the most likely to fit. Children vary widely in their leg lengths. Knitting the inseam a little longer, with a ribbed cuff will likely give the best result for a child you are not able to measure.  The following are average inseam lengths.

  • 0-3mo – 6.5″
  • 3-6mo. -  8.25″
  • 6-12mo. -  10″
  • 12-18mo. -  11.75″
  • 24mo/2T -  14.25″
  • 3T -  15.75″
  • 4T -  17.25″
  • 5T – 18.75″

How to measure a little one: Always measure over the diaper you will be using (cloth or disposable). The rise is measured by measuring from the front waist, between the legs to the back waist. Waist is measured by measuring around the waist.

For additional information please see my FAQ page.

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