Work Both Legs at Once

Knitting 2 legs at once using the magic loop method – no more second leg syndrome!

magic loop img 1

In the above image I have followed the pattern to acheive the correct number of gusset stitches. I’m ready to
begin the process of working both legs at once using the magic loop method. You may find the tutorial on
magic loop basics helpful if you have never used the method before.

magic loop img 2

Again, following the ButtKnits pattern, I’ve knit the first set of gusset stitches stitches onto a dpn (double point needle – of the same size of course) and
have cut the working yarn leaving a tail of about 18″.

magic loop img

The image above may look confusing, but if you take a moment to read the labels and look at your work, and
you’ve followed all of the pattern instructions correctly, I
think it will make sense.

magic loop img

Now you can see that I’ve finished the crotch gusset by sewing it up with the Kitchener Stitch. I’ve got one
ball of yarn for each leg – this is extremely important. You can also use the center pull strand and the outer
strand of a yarn cake (the “ball” on the right is actually a center wound cake/ball). Now I’m ready to pick up a
few stitches and begin loopin’ the legs!

magic loop img

Here I’ve picked up one stitch on the side of the gusset, being sure to use the working yarn for that leg.
You can use a crochet hook or just use your knitting needle to pick up the stitches.

magic loop img

I’ve picked up enough stitches and will now just continue knitting in the round. After I’ve knit the last stitch
for this leg I will drop the working yarn and be sure to pick up the working yarn for the other leg – then pick up the same number
of stitches for the gusset on that leg and continue knitting in the round.

magic loop img

In this image I’ve finished the first round after the gusset sewing. You can see the cable loops on each side and
the cables in the center (between the legs). Now I’ll just keep knitting in the round using the magic loop and always being sure
that I’m using the correct yarn for the correct leg.

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