Wool And Disposable Diapers

Wondering what a wool soaker is? What are longies, shorties, and sleep sacks? Think wool is just for cloth diaper users? Think again! Wool can be a fantastic solution for naps & nighttime for disposable diaper users as well. Say goodbye to wet clothes and sheets!


Wool soakers, longies, shorties, skirties, sleep sacks, and woolies are all garments made of 100% wool (no superwash) that usually go over cloth diapers. The pants form (longies) can be made in any length from shorts (shorties) to capris, bloomers, pantaloons, etc.  Sleep sacks are long sacks that are usually worn by newborns and very young babies. There is an opening at the bottom for easy access during diaper changes – similar to newborn gowns.

Wool can  absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp. The only challenge you might have is what’s called compression wicking. This is when additional clothing is put on over woolies. The pressing of the additional clothing against the wool can cause the wool to become damp prematurely. I have always felt though that if you’re going to knit (or purchase) wonderfully made woolies – why in the world would you want to cover them up! Show your wool proudly! Wool is great choice, and of course, can be incredibly cute. It’s especially a favorite amongst cloth diaperers for nighttime. Wool soakers (all woolies) only need to be washed when soiled or every week or so. Truth be told, I have often gone much longer than one week between washings for my little one’s longies & soakers. Especially with a young baby. See how I wash our wool soakers  here.

Although we use cloth diapers, during our recent move we had our two that are still in diapers in disposable diapers. I quickly grew frustrated with wet baby clothes & wet sheets needing to be changed.  I began putting a wool soaker or a pair of longies on over the disposable diapers. No more leaks! I was thrilled!

Now that you know how wonderful wool can be, here are some helpful tips if you’re new to wool & diapers.

  • If you are going to knit up soakers for cuteness only – use any fiber you like. If you are going to knit them to stop leaky diapers from ruining your day, use 100% wool. No superwash. The treatment that makes superwash wool washable also decreases its absorbing properties. Superwash = leaks. Read more about selecting yarns here.
  • Cloth diapers are bulkier than disposable diapers. Check out question #3 on the Butt Knits FAQ page to find out how to easily make Butt Knits patterns fit disposable diapered babies perfectly.
  • Butt Knits is a reliable source for all sorts of fun & unique soaker & longies knitting patterns. I offer excellent customer service and am available by email to help with any questions. Butt Knits is a WAHM (work at home mom) business.
    Shop Butt Knits patterns now
    Try out the Butt Knits Sleep Sack pattern for free

If you would like more information on cloth diapering, you can read more over at www.DiaperKit.com on their Diapering Options page.  DiaperKit is a great place to learn how to sew up your own diapers. After all, if you’re clever enough to knit, you’re clever enough to sew.

One last little tip: Wool is wonderfully breathable and keeps baby’s skin at a good temperature. Babies who are prone to diaper rash seem to do much better with cotton cloth diapers and woolies.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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